droidconIN 2016

The sixth edition of droidconIN

Saurabh Sharma


Conversational UI: Rise of AI Bots

Submitted May 23, 2016

With launch of Facebook messanger platform, AI bot segment is trending topic these days. Companies are fighting to acquire users of different messaging platform. In this flash talk, I would like to cover the do’s and don’ts conversational UI, overview of available messaging platforms and how they are similar/different from each other.


Conversational UI concept is not new. It is pioneered by Wechat in China where it have emerged as platform for all activities, rising from a just messaging app. Countries in Silicon valley and India are trying to adapt this model with AI as added ingredient. However, it is not as easy as to follow this blindly.
In this talk, I would like to share my experience of China market and share basic design principles of Conversational UI, adapted in all messaging platforms.
This will be followed by ‘Getting started’ guide for all major platforms.


No pre-requirements.

Speaker bio

I am a Startup lover and working with mobile technologies for 4+ years. I worked for Google for 3+ years and later quit my job to work with Startups & on my own Startup idea. I was early adapter & developer of Material design concept and have worked as independent Product consultant with many Startups. I was invited speaker at GoogleDevFestX at IIT Delhi and various other such events.



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