Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Makerville Systems


Tah : Open Source BLE Arduino-compatible Board

Submitted Nov 14, 2014

The market is being flooded with new accessories for the smartphone. Smart wrist devices being the most common ones. Bluetooth LE is at the heart of all these devices.
The objective of this demo will be to showcase how Bluetooth LE can be used to interact with our surroundings in different ways.


Tah is an open development board that helps you make things using Bluetooth low energy. Its frugal power requirements and onboard USB make it ideal for many applications that were not possible before.

Tah is

  • Arduino compatible
  • HID enabled
  • a Bluetooth beacon

The demo will consist of controlling a Tah board from an Android device which has support of BLE. It will be used to interact with things like

  • Neopixels (Mood Lamp)
  • Universal remote control similar to Anymote
  • Smart dice for mobile games
  • Indoor navigation using Beacons feature of the Tah

Documentation of all the examples can be found on our website


A basic understanding of electronics, although not mandatory, will surely help.

Speaker bio

I am an Engineer at Revealing Hour Creations
Our latest product, Tah, connects your smartphone to the physical world using Bluetooth LE.




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