Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Preethi Raj

@preethi-raj Proposing

Applying Design Thinking to Mobile Game Development

Submitted Nov 15, 2014

Games are among the most downloaded apps across app stores. Mobile games continue to grow in popularity among all age groups. Mobile game developers constantly face the challenge of creating new game concepts that appeal to users and will result in downloads and revenues. In a market where me-too games have little chance to succeed, developers are under constant pressure to create a new concepts and experiences. Design thinking helps address this developer challenge by putting the focus back on the user and letting the user feedback guide your game design and development.


Are you a game developer? Are you looking for ways to create compelling games that appeal to your users and deliver amazing experiences. Join us for an interactive and hands-on workshop to learn about the design thinking principles and how you can apply the same to mobile gaming – the iterative process of understanding consumer needs / interests and building games that capture their attention. Also discover the art of developing your game natively on Android to improve the performance of your app while delivering consumers a no compromise experience on any device of their choice. Find out about Intel tools that can help you test and optimize your game and ensure quick time to market.

Speaker bio

Suprabha Mysore:
Suprabha is a Senior Program Manager, Intel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Suprabha has over 17 years of experience in embedded & system software. Most of her experience are in the mobility and networking technology. From last 2+ years of her work at Intel, she has been part of the APAC & Japan (APJ) Developer Relationship Division. Currently working as Senior Program Manager, she is responsible for managing Independent Software Vendors (ISV) in APJ and influence the Software Vendors to bring their apps into the fold of Intel Architecture.
suprabha.mysore@intel.com / +919880299631

Dipesh Khona:
Dipesh is a Business Graduate from Mumbai University with a 15+ years of experience in the IT Industry in areas of Recruitment, Tech Training, Academic Influence, Marketing and Business Operations. Dipesh is currently leading the Startups Program, Intel Developer Zone RealSense marketing & Business Operations for Intel Software. He is also a Stanford Certified Design Thinking Expert.
dipesh.s.khona@intel.com / +919880302443

Sukruth H V:
Sukruth H V is working as a Technical consultant Engineer at Intel® Software and Solutions group. He is associated with Intel® Developer Product Division from past 3 years. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Computer science from VTU. He is involved in helping customers to Optimize and improve the performance of their applications using Intel® Software Tools and he is also involved in supporting embedded and mobile application developers using Intel® System Studio Tools.
sukruth.h.v@intel.com/ +917795367875


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