Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

syed amanat



Submitted Dec 2, 2014

Project Jarvis is an AIS system and the main reason of this project is compression of all the apps onto one and storage on local device would be NULL resulting in the major usage of Clouds,SQL system by most of the people this will help to revolutionise the idea of cloud to everyone.A system which can talk and fullfill all the needs of user is what the world sorely needs.


People are looking forward to get to know cloud,server and database in a more better compassionate way. JARVIS is gonna fulfill there needs and just not by teaching them but also showing them the power of JAVA by which people can run their basic needs of internet almost for free.JARVIS is almost a simulation of Artificial Intelligence System Recently Approved by IBM bluemix and appreciated by Many.


A paper to note down stuff will do the trick.

Speaker bio

I am a coder since my 3rd grade, Have been programming on Java since 5th, i have a platform experience and i am Microsoft Student, Trained in multiple Langs.,I am passionate about computers and especially about the understanding of the way they work. This has helped me to gain vast experience in my aspects of my professional life. I am an upcoming CEO of a startup, Approved by many compaines for the project JARVIS. And with right opportunities I want to put a ding in the universe. People are looking forward to talk to someone who has the knowledge staying amid the energy, well i tend to bring out more people for understand Artificial Intelligence.


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