Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

senthil kumar


Mobile Applications (Android, other OS too) Strategy when building Applications for Emerging Markets

Submitted Nov 22, 2014

Emering Economy nations have their own constraints, like intermittent internet connectivity, lack of electricity, lack of affordable broadband connectivity, huge volume of semi literate users and so on. The standard strategies or frameworks adopted for the developed nations could not be directly applied in the context of emerging nations. Developing countries are unique with their constraints. At the end of the talk - the audience would clearly have an understanding on how to develop solutions that are ‘affordable (in terms of utilizing the mobile resources) and also how the solution could be deployed at scale’.


The talk would focus on various applications that have been developed and are deployed in the field by Accenture Technology Labs. As part of the Innovations for Emerging Economies, we cater to building solutions across various domains such as healthcare, transport, agriculture and energy domains. I would be sharing real life examples from those projects and how did we engineer to overcome those problems technically. Few Examples include - In a M-Health telemetry model, the data collected using handheld devices are sent to the backend for data processing. But, the same solution could not applied here - because of lack of connectivity. The solution is to push intelligence to the device. CLIPS rule engine was ported to Android to provide this feature. Similary, for tracking an object / person closely, GPS is the only way. But, prolonged usage of GPS would drain the battery. How do we overcome this?

There are similar situations and I would want to focus my talk on similar lines.

Recent Publications -

Practical Challenges for Large Scale Deployment of mHealth Solution: Insights from a Field Trial @ the IEEE GHTC Conference

One of the recent project which I had architected & developed (called the EyeConnect) had won the Vodafone Mobile for Good Award 2014 under the health category.

Speaker bio

Senthil architects and manages the delivery of SMAC based digital solutions for the emerging markets. He has worked on various phases of the software development cycles. His main focus is to create rapid working prototypes - to validate the applicability of the solution in the market or with a client and then build solutions which could be deployed at scale. He has developed the Open Digital Innovation Platform, which could be used to rapidly build SMAC based solutions. He has worked with Accenture Labs for about 4 years and have developed multiple solutions in the context of Healthcare, Retail and Resources. Prior to joining Accenture Labs, he was working with Infosys Labs working in the Analytics research group and was instrumental in building the Multi Channel Optimized Content Platform. A research based solution which was built to predict an RFP from a client was widely appreciated and has been deployed to be used by the Infosys Marketing team.

Senthil has published papers in various conferences and has participated in multiple hackathons. In a hackathon organized by Droidcon in 2012, the solution developed Senthil & his team was selected as the best app of the hackathon(Location Based Expense Tracker). Senthil is a B. Tech graduate from the Amrita University.


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