Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Anirudh S


I heard that you loved Open source and Android

Submitted Oct 28, 2014

To let others know what it takes to build an open source, cloud-connected Android library.


Its 2014 and the Android ecosystem is as vibrant as it has ever been. There are more people beginning their careers directly with Android development, even as early as college. If you are one of them, then you probably need this talk the most.

In this session, you will learn what it takes to build an Android library, that can:

  • Talk to third-party endpoints
  • Contain customizable UI components
  • Support versioning

You will also learn what is necessary to maintain an open source project and thereby:

  • Contribute to the Android ecosystem
  • Build a growing network of Android devs
  • Learn how to respond to feedback from the community

I work nearly full-time on an open source Android library with the above-mentioned features and I will take you through the exciting journey I’ve had so far.

Speaker bio

I am Anirudh, currently working as a Mobile Developer at Tenmiles.

My first interaction with Android happened at college, in 2010, when I successfully flashed Android over my Windows-Mobile-running HTC Touch, after spending countless hours poring through XDA Forums.

In 2011, I purchased a Galaxy Ace, rooted it, flashed different ROM’s and also started writing apps for it. I also introduced myself to the world of open source and successfully completed a Google Summer of Code project with WordPress on their Android app ( http://gsoc2011.wordpress.com/author/anirudh24seven/ ). Soon, I set up the Google Developer Group NIT-T and also gave a few talks on Android ( http://nitt.gtugs.org/photos ).

After finishing college in 2012, I worked at Microsoft as Software Development Engineer for ~2 years. After office-hours, I found time to write a few hobby apps for Android and other platforms like Windows Phone too. I contributed patches to a few open source projects such as WordPress for WP8, Firefox OS and DuckDuckGo for Android, too.

In 2014, I joined Tenmiles, where I am primarily responsible for maintaining an open source project, HelpStack for Android. https://github.com/happyfoxinc/helpstack-android

You can find me almost always discussing either about the different mobile ecosystems or about the open source philosophy.

You can follow me on:


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