Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

Ramu K C


Mobile Deep linking

Submitted Oct 28, 2014

Deep linking for better user interaction and engagement


Mobile deep linking is equivalent to specific URLs on the internet for the mobile apps via URIs (uniform resource identifiers). Just imagine directly opening friends’ profile page on your Android app for FB or opening a product page on Amazon app. As most of our important online activities are getting appified the proliferation of mobile deep linking is quite natural (Taken from: http://adiquity.com/mobile-deep-linking-a-necessity-for-mobile-marketers/)

Deep linking the content within your app is one sure shot way for better user interaction, enagagment and app discoverability. In this talk I wish to cover the various ways for enabling deep links within Android apps (Android deep links, facebook app links, app urls, deferred deep links etc..), deep linking strategy and how this can improve your app score for better user engagement.


Knowledge of Android app development

Speaker bio

Iam an architect leading mobility practice at Imaginea with 13 yrs of experience. I have been working on Android for the past 4+ years working with OEMs, operators and eCommerce customers.

Imaginea has several open source contributions to Android some of them mentioned below.


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