Droidcon India 2014

Droidcon India’s fourth edition

KK Sharma


Enhancing UX/UI Using Custom Views

Submitted Oct 25, 2014

The Android framework has a large set of View classes for interacting with the user and displaying various types of data. But sometimes your app branding or app UX appeals some unique UI with animation that aren’t covered by the built-in views then you need to create robust and reusable Custom Views.


The Session will cover following concepts

1 . Creating Custom view

a) How to create custom view.
b) How to Draw content on Canvas
c) How Layouting and Measuring works
d) How to provide xml attribute support for Custom Views
e) How to make Custom Views Interactive

2 . Animating Custom Views

a) How to Animate Custom View using Dynamics
b) How to Animate Custom View Using Interpolator
c) How to add “Springiness” using “Euler” Integration

3 . Custom View Demo

a) Pie Chart
b) Line Graph
c) Bar Graph


An android development environment of your choice, and a device/emulator of your choice, running any version of android above 2.1 (eclair).

Speaker bio

Currently I am working as a Senior Software Engineer at BetaGlide. At BetaGlide, we are developing a robust, feature-rich, developer friendly, user and device insight engine. With BetaGlide SDK you can dive deeper into user data, track uninstalls and get relevant data, benchmark your app against competitors and track performance issues and many more. I have also worked in Y Media Labs for 2.5 years, primarily in Android.
I love exploring different technologies and sharing knowledge. I have 3+ years of professional experience in Android app design and development and have worked on more than 10+ android apps in the category of Education , Medical , Traveling , Social and Gaming. I completed Master Degree in Computer Applications from NIT Trichy. I also work as a consultant and mentor for young tech start-ups.


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