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Adethya Sudarsanan


Quality, Cost & Customer - A Testing time for Mobile Applications

Submitted Aug 15, 2013

  1. Exposure to a robust android application testing framework that can be ported for iOS as well

  2. Can we really quantify quality? - Understanding of dollar value of quality

  3. Interactive session for all categories of mobile enthusiasts


Mobile Test Automation is always the area of constant innovation and growth. There are numerous tools which help in mobile automation as well as maintenance of data in an easier way. Mobile applications are developed at a greater rate and in turn there is a huge demand for testing the mobile applications. As the development happens at a huge magnitude, the demand for quality & timely delivery is also increased. Quality of a mobile application is ensured by practising best quality assurance practices, reviews, defect free implementation and go live support. Achieving defect free, customer/user friendly are the corner stones of an applications success.

Here in this talk we are focusing on developing one such success story by bringing together the pieces of quality fabric and producing best-in-quality, faster time to market mobile application testing strategies.

This idea focuses on creating a unique framework which can be implemented across any application or any test suite. The proposed system revolves around a concept called “Association Rule Mining” (ARM).

Applying similar concept to test cases and test scenarios, we develop a methodology that will rate & re-arrange test cases/scenarios, based on their support count, confidence and lift values. These values are calculated by the proposed system and actions are performed based on the values from thereon. In addition to this logic implemented into the proposed system, there are many UI based functionality that will enable a functional/manual tester to execute the scripts with limited knowledge about the tool or application.

The talk will also focus on how quality shapes the business by bringing in more customers, reduces cost & improves the profit for organizations



Speaker bio

Adethya Sudarsanan is an Mobile Application Tester by profession & Director of a NGO by choice.

Currently based out of Chennai, eagerly participates in conferences, workshops as a speaker.

Currently selected to speak at DroidCon London & DroidCon Eastern Europe is in the pipeline.


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