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Anshul Rai


HAPPAY - India's first social mobile payment platform

Submitted Oct 18, 2013

How is mobile changing the way people transact, be it among friends or paying merchants ? Will talk about, in what payment scenarios, mobile can actually solve a real pain point and in what scenarios its just adding the luxury factor.


HAPPAY is India’s first social mobile payment platform that let you pay your friends or merchants with few clicks on your phone in a Simple, Fast & Secure way. It makes your life easier, without worrying for exact change. HAPPAY is bank agnostic and network agnostic, so you can load money into HAPPAY from any of your Indian bank accounts or credit cards and can send money to anyone, either to their HAPPAY wallet or to their bank account. HAPPAY being network agnostic, not tied to any particular network operator makes it more popular among friends. Will talk in detail, how HAPPAY has helped its users to solve their real pain point.

Speaker bio

Anshul Rai is Co-Founder & CEO of HAPPAY. He is a computer science graduate from IIT Kharagpur, who grabbed the most coveted job at Microsoft Research Lab. He has spent two wonderful years at MSR, filing 2 US patents and publishing 4 papers in International Journals. But even that could not appease his hunger for learning, creating value and making that significant impact in the society and then finally decided to quit his job to start HAPPAY. At HAPPAY, he looks after product and business development.


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