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Sangharsh Boudhh


Ola amigos, here comes the Droid on Wheels

Submitted Oct 18, 2013

Share the experience and technical challenges we at Olacabs had while developing our fleet tracking and dispatch system with affordable and scalable hardware like Android devices.

Additionally we would like to cover:

  1. “One Touch booking” via our publicly available Olacabs app
  2. Relevant back-end engineering


Olacabs is India’s largest cab aggregator, revolutionizing the ground transport experience using technology. It strives towards enabling users to enjoy a transparent and seamless cab experience from booking to billing.

We had a challenge to build a fleet tracking and a dispatch system which is not tightly coupled with any single cab. While other off-shelf similar setups cost around 50-60k, using Android devices we made it at 10% of the cost.

App was built to be very simple even for non tech-savvy users, e.g. cab drivers, allowing them to focus on their core competency and helping with other details.

This app aids as / for:

  1. Booking alert system
  2. Navigation system
  3. Accounting for drivers
  4. Cashless payments

At the same time, it tries to auto recover from loss of GPS or data connectivity, monitor device status and usage and can be upgraded over the air.

Speaker bio

Sangharsh Boudhh is a software engineer working with Olacabs, instrumental in building the fleet tracking system based on Android. He has many learnings to share from the experience.
He is a Computer Science graduate from IIT Bombay, 2009 batch. He likes to crack algorithmic challenges when free from development at Olacabs.




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