Droidcon India 2013

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Nilesh Jahagirdar


Freemium Game Design

Submitted Oct 17, 2013

Introduce the audience to key strategies required in building a successful freemium game.


Having a cool game with some fun mechanics is no longer enough for building a mobile gaming business. The freemium model allows developers the opportunity to optimize revenue, and hopefully build a sustainable business. However, freemium games are incredibly hard to do, and require a whole new approach to game design and depth, segmentation of users, and offering them unique experiences based on their interaction with the game, and so on. This session will cover key strategies to use when building a successful freemium game, along with pitfalls to avoid, and so on.

Speaker bio

Worked in the mobile gaming domain for many years.
Previously Co-Founder at YesGnome, a gaming studio focused on Freemium mobile games.
Currently Co-Founder and CEO at Light of Hand, Inc. (www.lightofhand.com) a venture-backed gaming company focused on the mid-core card battle games genre.
Exetensive, first-hand experience of building freemium mobile games.


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