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Ramprasad Rajendran


Building Native Android Games with Javascript using Game Closure

Submitted Sep 16, 2013

Learn how to use Game Closure to build native performing mobile(iOS & Android) games just by using javascript and web technologies.


Game Closure is a javascript/HTML5 based framework for making games that will work on both iOS and Android. The framework was in development for 2 years and now has been opensourced.

One of the biggest problems when developing for the mobile is learning multiple languages and understanding each platform. But we have been developing for the web with javascript and HTML5 canvas is also becoming popular with most browsers supporting it.

The framework leverages this popularity so that mobile games can be built easier and much faster just by using javascript and canvas. Even the tools that gameclosure provides are very similar to how we develop web apps.

In this talk we’ll look in-depth on how to creating amazing games with game closure. The talk will cover understanding the framework, difference between existing frameworks, it’s tools and understanding how to extend the framework.


Knowledge about HTML5 Canvas and Javascript would be useful

Speaker bio

I’m one of the founders at HashCube and we make games on Facebook and Mobile.
We’ve used web technologies to create all our games and are quite javascript heavy. We’ve used a lot of popular javascript frameworks and tools like Backbone, node.js and gameclosure along the way.


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