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Automated UI Testing using Xamarin Test Cloud & Calabash

Submitted Sep 17, 2013

This talk serves as an introduction to the automated UI-testing technology Calabash and to Xamarin Test Cloud, a service that provides cloud-based access to hundreds of mobile devices for automated testing purposes. You’ll learn about the benefits of automated UI testing on mobile apps, and see how easy it is to get started with UI testing using Calabash. Calabash is free, open-source and supports BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) via the Cucumber tool.
While Calabash is very useful on its own, its power is only fully realized when tests are run frequently on large sets of devices with different screen-sizes, resolutions and operating system versions. In a short live demo, you’ll see how you can tap into this full potential with Xamarin Test Cloud.


Xamarin Test Cloud enables you to automatically test your app across 100s of physical devices(both Android and iOS). It uses powerful, object-based UI testing, enabling you to write test scripts that do exactly what your users will do: tap, swipe, rotate, wait for ui elements to appear, etc. When building for multiple platforms, you can share your test logic across the platforms, increasing reuse and enable faster test authoring. In this talk, we will explore how to upload an app to Test Cloud, and try out Xamarin App Explorer, which systematically exercises screens and controls in your app before you ever write a single test. We will also look at Behavior Driven Development using Calabash and Cucumber.

Speaker bio

Nish is a C# fanatic and has been writing softwares for web & windows platforms for almost a decade now. He is a Microsoft MVP in IE and had been advocating on client side MVC frameworks over a year. He joined Xamarin few months ago as their first developer evangelist for India! He is passionate about spreading C# & Xamarin love by helping developers build 100% native mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Windows 8. Xamarin’s mission is to make it fast, easy and fun to build great mobile apps. You can follow his adventures on twitter @nishanil


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