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Shree Kumar


App-centric Android Implementation

Submitted Sep 25, 2013

Understand how Android is being used in devices intended to run only a specific application. This talk will cover the details w.r.t a specific device - Intellego3 from APX labs


Android is generally associated with the idea of as an OS for phones & tablets that run a wide variety of applications. Ok - add TVs, refrigerators, watches, and some more.

This session will be focussed on application-centric Android devices - i.e. devices that run only one application. It explains how such devices benefit from Android, and why Android could be fast becoming the new OS of choice for creating a wide variety of other devices targetting health, retail, point-of-sale, etc. These devices have traditionally been running several versions of Windows, and Linux.

We will specifically focus on the design of the Intellego3 device from APX labs - a multi-mode biometric verification device. It runs Android, but doesn’t look like it does! We will see how the Android running on this was customized, and how the hardware on this device is different from a regular phone (hint: it’s not too different!).


Some knowledge of android architecture, or background in handheld devices/embedded systems is desirable, but not necessary.

Speaker bio

Shree Kumar has been playing around with Android for the past couple of years. In his day job at Innominds Software, he implements Android for new devices.

In the past, Shree has worked in diverse areas ranging from system programming, mathematical simulation, distributed systems, high performance computer graphics and GPU computing. Shree is an open-source enthusiast and an avid cyclist and adventurer. Details of some of his earlier adventures are at http://www.shreekumar.in/


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