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Ravindra Kumar


Android Build, Test and Deploy with Gradle

Submitted Sep 28, 2013

The following topics are included in this workshop:

Unit testing in the Dalvik Virtual Machine
Testing with Spoon and Robotium
Taking advantage of Android Logging
UI testing with Spoon
Integrating the build environment with Gradle


Creating the right development environment for building maintainable Android apps should be the primary concern of a team embarking on native app development. Constructing a comprehensive continuous build process integrating unit testing and build monitoring should be one of the development teams primary goals.

This session will show you how to leverage a number of mature and powerful tools to make creating your Android development process quick and effective.

You’ll see how to use tools provided with the Android SDK to do logging, unit testing and UI testing. We’ll cover some third party tools and services like Robotium for more readable unit testing. You’ll see how Spoon can be used to produce HTML output and screenshots. Finally, we’ll type it all together with Gradle will also be discussed.

This workshop is ideal for anyone about to join and team that needs to do Android development the right way.


Wisdom wise:

  • Experience with Android Development
  • Familiarity with Git and Travis CI will be an added advantage

Harware wise:

  • You have to bring your own laptop (don’t forget the charger)
  • Please bring your own Android device to test out UI automation simulation of your apps real time

Software wise


  • Instructor would be using Mac environment and any platform specific issues will not be resolved during the workshop.
  • All software (JDK) needs to be installed in a folder that doesn’t containing any blank spaces in its absolute path.
  • Operating System: Windows XP (32bit), Windows 7 (32 /64 bit), Windows 8 (64 bit), Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (x86 only) or Linux (tested on Ubuntu Linux, Lucid Lynx)
  • On Ubuntu Linux, version 8.04 or later is required.
  • 64-bit distributions must be capable of running 32-bit applications.

Speaker bio

I am front end engineer from Cleartrip. Currently working on cleartrip android. My previous experience was with creating hybrid mobile apps. Have worked on more than 20 hybrid apps.



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