Droidcon India

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Anurag Dwivedi & Pradeep Warrier

Technical challenges of designing mobile applications in an environment of limited connectivity

Submitted Nov 8, 2011

Educate the audience about challenges of building applications in an environment of partial connectivity, and outline some possible approaches to handle online- offline apps.


When designing mobile applications in the Indian environment, developers need to be sensitive to real world connectivity and cost of connectivity issues experienced by users. Designing applications that function both online and offline throws up a unique mix of technical challenges, such as

  1. Data synchronization
  2. Optimised online vs offline processing
  3. Handling data security, when offline
  4. Managing application upgrade and remote device management
    The session interactively discusses these challenges and possible approaches, using education apps as an example.

Speaker bio

Company background -
New Rubric Solutions is an early stage start up developing a highly differentiated solution for the large and vibrant area of Education. Our solution is based on the innovative use of the android tablet platform, and cloud based delivery. As a part of our technical development we have faced many of the challenges of addressing customers with limited connectivity, large data synchronization requirements and offline/online processing management.

Speaker 1: Pradeep Warrier, Head-Technology Development, New Rubric Solutions
Pradeep has over 9 years of experience in application development and implementation, with focus on Enterprise Mobile applications (both online and offline). Previously led critical engagements for SAP - mobility solutions. As a part of his current role, Pradeep is handling many of the challenges listed in this topic particularly handling processing , data, communication on devices with limited connectivity.
(Pradeep Warrier - http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=23946715&locale=en_US&trk=tyah_
Speaker 2: Anurag Dwivedi, CEO - New Rubric Solutions
Anurag is an entrepreneur in the learning domain and seeks to deliver significantly better learning outcomes by transforming the learning experience for learners of all ages. As the founder of New Rubric, he has unique perspective of the challenges faced by many Indian users due to limited internet connectivity, and how these users can leverage mobile applications for their day to day work. (http://in.linkedin.com/in/andwivedi)


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