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Diogo Ferreira


From stock to Cyanogenmod: The Sony Ericsson Case

Submitted Nov 7, 2011

CyanogenMod supports ~70 devices at the moment. The goal of this talk is giving insight into the process of porting a device to the tree. Attendees will hopefully understand what needs to be done to make all device features fully operational while co-existing with many different devices.


Porting a device to CyanogenMod is (usually) not an easy task. There is an extensive amount of work behind a port that touches every single layer of the Android stack.

During this talk, I will be presenting a case study on how we ported 15 Sony Ericsson devices. While there is no specific formula for doing so, this talk will try to present a sequence of steps that we took in making these devices fully operational.

You can expect several advanced topics to be discussed, all in an interactive session where I expect people to interrupt if they have questions or suggestions. Among those topics, we will discuss:

  • Kernel changes
  • Hardware Interface Layers
  • Coexisting with other devices
  • Reverse Engineering

Speaker bio

Diogo Ferreira is a developer for CyanogenMod where he works across the whole Android stack ranging from kernel and hardware support to day-to-day userland applications. He is one of the head developers and maintainer for more than 12 devices, including the HTC Desire and all the Sony Ericsson product line. Diogo has an MsC from the University of Coimbra and is currently pursuing a PhD in the area of Mobile Grid Computing.




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