Droidcon India

Droidcon's first Indian edition

Shree Kumar


OpenGL in Android

Submitted Oct 4, 2011

Give participants an overview of OpenGL on Android - including ES 1.0 and ES2.0. Will cover basic concepts and touch on items relevant to handheld devices.


This session will be a tutorial walkthrough of Android on OpenGL. After a light does of history, we will move on to simple examples of usage of OpenGL on Android. Most real world apps need to load external data (models, etc) - the session will illustrate simple techniques to achieve this. For folks coming from the desktop world, the session will give some idea of what’s different in the handheld world. The session will conclude with a short discussion of alternate uses of 3D rendering.

Most of the examples will be illustrated with sample code.


It would be great if attendees have some idea of OpenGL beforehand !


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