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Submitted Nov 9, 2011

Many leading software service companies are increasingly training their developers on the nuances of design and exposing them to the ideas of design thinking, as a means of solving problems that are user centered. This session will cover design thinking using examples to talk about how Mobile App developers can think about their Apps. The content will cover some basic principles of design and how to apply them while creating mobile Apps, with an emphasis on how to make the app relevant to users.


Creativity is most often reduced to artistic talent and therefore ability to draw. However, the aspect of creativity in how one solves a problem, be it a technical performance issue or even identifying a business opportunity does involve creative, right brain thinking.
In this session, the presenter will use a mobile app to highlight some of the basic design principles that deal with UI design, usability kind of issues if applied consciously to a situation. These include concepts of information hierarchy, usage scenarios, planning, visual design. Specific to Mobile Apps, of which there are a million out there, how could one think about a new app to make it relevant or endearing to the user. Examples of how consumer companies can leverage the one to one advantage that a mobile device has, and additionally to leverage social behaviour to endear a consumer to its brand will be shared to demonstrate how to think about a mobile app, even when starting on a clean sheet of paper. The takeaway from the presentation is to consciously think about mobile App design creatively. What the session will not do is make developers into UI designers or teach tricks on how to get that threshold 50000+ downloads on App marketplaces.


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Speaker bio

Sridhar Dhulipala is in charge of Research & Design activities at his startup Bizosys Technologies Pvt Ltd., a software product and services company based in Bangalore. Sridhar holds a bachelors degree in engineering from Osmania University, followed by a PG degree in Product Design from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Before his entrepreneurial venture, Sridhar worked for around 12 years at Infosys, Bangalore, in the roles of Principal Designer and Senior Technical Architect. He was their first designer employee and worked on Infosys products as well as served Infosys client project specific UI requirements. He setup the UI design practice at Infosys employing a large team of designers. Sridhar also made significant contributions to Infosys research in the area of Requirements Gathering and holds a patent (pending) in this area. Sridhar was recipient of Infosys Chairman’s Excellence Award for Innovation in 2002. Prior to Infosys, Sridhar worked with consumer durable major, BPL Ltd, where he was responsible for standardization of branding at retail outlets, besides designing their exhibitions and roadshows. Sridhar began his career in 1992 at VIP Industries, Nasik, designing luggage.
Company Website: www.bizosys.com


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