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Leena S N

Leena S N


Continuous Delivery for an Android application

Submitted Sep 30, 2011

Continuous Delivery [CD] is a key aspect of the Lean Startup. While this is usually spoken about in the context of Web Applications, it does not need to be limited to that context.

In this talk, I will demonstrate the first step towards moving to a CD setup. Specifically this involves setting up a Push Button deployment system using Ant and Jenkins


The demo will include how to use Jenkins in combination wIth Ant to The demo will include how to use Jenkins in combination wIth Ant to achieve the following:

  • Create and sign package
  • Create different types of packages like debug, release etc.
  • Run the unit tests automatically within the emulator
  • Generate different types of metrics reports such as test coverage, coding standard violations etc.
  • Archive the packages and upload it to an FTP location
  • Automatically increment the version of the app for each build
  • Easily pull previous versions to allow for a quick roll back

Speaker bio

Vaidyanathan B - Founder and CEO of Multunus Software Pvt. LTd.

Leena S N - Head of Engineering Multunus Software Pvt. LTd.





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