Droidcon India

Droidcon's first Indian edition

Rames Palanisamy


Bitmap and Power Manager

Submitted Nov 4, 2011

Smart phones are getting rich with high graphics and heavy weight images. But most of the developers donot care on using the memory or battery efficiently.

His session will help on making them to understand the uses of Bitmap classes and power manager classes.


Bitmap classes are used as is in the application because the developers thinks the scaling happens automatically but it is not. His speech, slides and a small demo will make them to understand how to make an efficient use of the bitmap objects which is vital in rich UI.

Power management is not efficiently used on streaming applications and apps which run in backgrounds. Efficient and improtance of this usage is also covered in the slides.


Basic Android programming kills

Speaker bio

1.He is working in Android for 3+ years.
2. He has supported on development of some of the Android apps which are #2 and #4 in the Android market place.
3. He has 6 android apps in Android market place.


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