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Soham Mondal


Android UI design secrets: How to go from just-okay to wow!

Submitted Oct 28, 2011

Understand what simple tools you (as a developer or a designer) can use to make your user interface go from just the average run-of-the-mill Buttons and EditTexts to something that makes your users shout out ‘wow’.

That’s right, leverage ready-to-use constructs to make different, easy-to-use and eye-catching user interfaces on phones and tablets for your existing apps!


Developers don’t really have time for UI, or do they?

This talk will let you to turbo charge your User Interface by helping you to

  • Discover some very simple yet powerful design constructs that developers and designers can leverage to make amazing user interfaces in minutes. Move beyond the simple Buttons and other basic Views that you are used to and use these ‘secret’ constructs that are readily available.
  • Understand where these constructs are located and learn how to use them (either already preset in the Android SDK/API or are available publicly for download)
  • Walk through a sample app that uses these constructs. See how a very simple/boring/average user interface can be transformed into something amazing using these very tools!

Speaker bio

Soham has been involved in Android development for about 2 years now. Apart from being an active member of the android ecosystem, he is also one of the co-organizers of the Bangalore Android User Group.
His first android app -Todotodo will be launched in Nov, 2011 during droidcon :)




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