Droidcon India

Droidcon's first Indian edition

Vinaya Shenoy

Android Personal Assistant

Submitted Oct 29, 2011

Have you developed mobile apps for your own use which were never planned for public distribution? Come over to this forum and share your stories.

This is a discussion session, not a single speaker talk. Tell us your cool hacks or personal productivity apps or anything that you developed for yourself!


We know, “there’s an app for that!” But most of the time, it does lot_more/lot_less than what you want. It rarely does what exactly you want!

You are a developer/hacker... you know what’s next :) Write your own app for that :)

Come over to this session and share your stories. This could be fun!


You have developed/planning_to_develop apps for yourself and willing to share your stories

Speaker bio

I write mobile apps as a hobby in my free time. Pretty much all were written for myself, however some of those apps ended up in app stores.


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