Droidcon India

Droidcon's first Indian edition

Shree Kumar


Android Service Patterns

Submitted Oct 4, 2011

Provide deep understanding about the details of creating Services in Android, things to take care of while developing real-world services. Pitfalls to avoid (including a good look at threading implications).


Android has good documentation on details of creating Services. These examples tend to focus on the mechanics of creating a service : e.g. bound & unbound services, how to do IPC,etc. However, the examples do not address tricky scenarios that arise when writing real services. Many of these scenarios strike a service developer as “aaha” moments during debugging. This session will present some of these as reusable “aaha” patterns for developing services. The session will help you map mechanisms of creating services into practical use cases.


Some familiarity with Android programming is required - especially use of Intents. It would help if attendees have gone through at-least simple examples of Service creation.

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