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Android memory optimization techniques


Khasim Syed Mohammed


Android optimization and customization techniques for non-phone segment like PoS, HA(Home Automation), Navigation, Medical Health Care, e-boot reader, car infotainment etc. , with respect to memory cost.


Session will be highlighting on

  1. Moving android to non-phone segment

  2. Challenges to bring android to non-phone segment

  3. Android memory analysis ( Boot Space & Run time space)

  4. Android software stack customization ( android 2.3.4)

  5. Conclusion note

Speaker bio

Will be presented by Satish Patel and Khasim Syed Mohammed.

Khasim Syed Mohammed:
Over 10 years of Linux and Embedded software expertise, moderator of arowboat.org - Android open community portal for TI devices.

Satish :
- Over 6+ years of embedded domain experience on various embedded platforms including Linux and Android and multiple System-On-Chips.
- Active contributor to rowboat.org, a portal for code development for Android platforms - with various Cortex-A8 based devices.
- Volunteer actively engaged with institutions likes CDAC, IIT Kanpur, and IEEE to provide workshops on Android related topics, including the fundamentals, application and driver development.