A16Z, a silicon valley venture capital firm predicts that the world is moving towards passion economy. Creators and professionals will require tools and platforms.
Scrollstack has come up with a platform for authors and publishers. It allows to design and build newsletters along with the communities and payment tools.

Ritesh Mehta, founder of Scrollstack.com, will share his first-hand experiences.

  1. Reality for creators today
  2. Problems they face
  3. How Scrollstack aims to solve the problem vs other similar platforms
  4. Challenges and milestone
  5. Takeaways for the community

Reference links for the session:

  1. scrollstack.com
  2. scrollstack.com/creators
  3. https://a16z.com/2019/10/08/passion-economy/
  4. https://ritesh.scrollstack.com/post/232/Why-we-built-ScrollStack
  5. https://fortune.com/2020/06/25/apple-pay-micropayments-writers-artists-facebook-google/

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ScrollStack.com - A platform for creators to own their monetization

ScrollStack.com - A platform for creators to own their monetization

Ritesh Mehta, founder of Scrollstack.com

1 hour19 September 2020

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