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NEXTBANGALORE: Talk on urban participation

Submitted Feb 6, 2015

An insight into NextBangalore; a critical talk and urban participation and didactics workshop conducted by MOD Institute.


Who builds tomorrow’s Bangalore?
Launched and curated since February 2013 by the Indo-German Research Institute MOD, ‘Nextbangalore’ is an urban particpation platform. The objective is to create a future urban citizens ‘vision’ for Bangalore by giving the opportunity to everyone to be involved. Nextbangalore is an experiment. The city’s challenges are enormous, so are the opportunities. The aim is to build together a change map of the possible future of this vibrant metropolis.

Speaker bio

V. Naresh Narasimhan:
Naresh V Narasimhan is a practitioner and leader with over 3 decades of experience in architecture and urban design. He is best known for his association with Venkataramanan Associates – an award winning architecture firm that saw a meteoric rise under his leadership. As an urbanist, activist and creative entrepreneur, his contribution to urban development has been far‐reaching. As co‐founder of MOD, founder & trustee of Imagine Bangalore and founder of Cobalt (a new-age work and meeting space that facilitates serendipitous encounters), Naresh has fuelled a variety of progressive causes in the city.
Naresh studied architecture at Manipal Institute of Technology followed by a management program at Harvard Institute for International Development. He maintains a healthy eclectic work‐style and regularly advises government bodies on infrastructure development. His interests range from socio‐economic modeling, knowledge‐sharing and communication strategies to cinema, art and popular culture. Naresh is also a prolific speaker and writer who has been published widely.


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