Reshma Thomas


Get high on art

Submitted Jan 29, 2015

To understand what art can do for you, if only you would allow it to.


Do you need to be an artist to appreciate art and beauty? The obvious answer is a no. But how many of us really take the time and effort to not merely look at art, but actually appreciate it for all it’s beauty, complexity, minimalism and honesty? What would be the impact of a lifestyle where we make active choices to appreciate art and help nurture it in our society? These are just some of the questions that have bothered us and we hope to discuss them with you too in the hope of ushering in some kind of change in the way we view the world today.

The most beautiful thing about Art is that it is interactive.
What the artist creates is only one part of the process. The rest depends on what you as a viewer brings to it. How do YOU see it? How do YOU interact with it? Maybe you will see it in a way that the artist did not even imagine. This makes Art infinite. What you can get from it depends entirely on who you are.

Speaker bio

Reshma is a partner at Purplemango (India), a creative agency that specializes in branding and design.
She explored a few roles in the legal profession, the most interesting being a phase of practising Tax Law with Euroclear Bank in Belgium. She’d often look out from the tall glass windows of her multi-storey office wondering about an alternate life, where she wasn’t a lawyer who made inappropriate jokes.
And one day she jumped out of the building into a world that she created with her partner.
A world of dreaming up new ideas, splashing colour and weaving words to help her clients innovate with their marketing.


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