Arijit Bhattacharya


Contemporary Education, A Story

Submitted Feb 6, 2015

Make the audience aware that education should not have to be an imposition. We have a much greater authority over our education than we think. Explore platforms and tools on the Internet to help us learn and prepare ourselves for the big things in life.


A quick snapshot of my journey – dropping out of college to getting a job at a startup and then growing inside the startup for over an year. The story would exhibit the potential of online learning through MOOCs and other short vocational courses and would be an exploration of contemporary education and the state of alternate path in India.

Exploring the upsides of being an independent learner and drawing lessons from this endeavor and applying them to real world problems.

Looking at some well known content providers and some unique tools that will help an individual to establish credibility and participate in this new community.

Answering questions about the state of alternate education in India and investigating opportunities for dropouts in Indian startups.


Nothing. But it will benefit college audience more. Maybe.

Speaker bio

I consider myself as an exemplar in contemporary education. I opted out of traditional education (seventh semester, computer science) and went on to spend a full year learning through MOOCs and the Internet. A year later I started working with Airwoort (an intelligence driven social customer support helpdesk) as a Frontend engineer. Being an early member in the team and spending over an year, I have picked some valuable lessons and some thoughts on ethos of startups in India and have been going back and connecting some dots.



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