Arpita Ganesh


If you're going through hell, keep going!

Submitted Feb 5, 2015

The tumultuous journey of Buttercups Bras from a unprofitable lingerie store to an online brand showcasing all the ingredients that are essential for being a successful business woman and running a productive enterprise. This masterclass will enable the participant to understand how to turnaround setbacks to make dreams come true, where and how to find the right investors, how to build a team, how to balance expectations of investors, customers, vendors and teams alike, and how to rise up to every challenge and be strong.


There is no such thing as overnight success! Commitment and passion are crucial to achieving one’s dreams but amidst that, there is as much to learn from failures and setbacks.

  • The idea matters, your gender doesn’t
  • The business of bras (dealing with the mindset)
  • Facing every challenge and refusing to give up
  • Leveraging media and PR


An open mind!

Speaker bio

I’m passionate about helping women in India wear the ‘right-sized’ bras and till date have fitted over 3000 women. About six years ago (after throwing in the towel over a 10 year career in advertising), I trained with Chantelle, Paris to learn about bras and bra-fitting. I initially started Buttercups as a lingerie boutique retailing internationally acclaimed bra brands, consulted with international and Indian lingerie brands like M&S India and Frederick’s of Hollywood, and launched ABTF (A Bra That Fits), India’s ONLY bra fitting application available on the iPhone and Android OS. After the closure of the boutique with heavy losses, I struggled to get funding to launch Buttercups Bras, my own label of bras. Amidst rejection of the idea and funding from various investors, I launched, India’s largest crowd sourcing initiative for a product (a pre-order model). This campaign was entirely bootstrapped. It saw immense traction and had angels come forward to fund me, finally giving all my hard work and struggle the pay off I had hoped for. Buttercups is now launched and the brand is getting great traction and recognition for not only being an amazing company, & concept, but also for the products being spectacular!


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