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Submitted Jan 17, 2015

We want to launch our platform ‘yelo’ to the awesome folks attending Construkt. We are here to make friends. All of you will have made a locally connected friend by the end of the session...and yes we will keep you occupied with our yelos!


yelo is all about making new connections the right way! By helping awesome people with a simple exchange of a contact you may have.

yelo is a referral based chat messenger. It acts like your locally connected friend whom you can ask and exchange phone contacts of people you need and chat with them on the messenger itself!

We are a platform that allows people to build their identities and connect with local people. It lets you post your requirements and allows the community to refer people(from their contacts) who might fit the description(similar to a put me in touch). The in built chat lets you speak with prospective services.

If you are a business, providing certain professional services you can create your own profile and make it discoverable in the community. The entire package is location based.

In short we are about “Local.Social.Referral” in one place.


People who want to make new friends and connections in the right way and get their local needs resolved!

Speaker bio

Prasun Jain is a graduate out of IIT Delhi with previous stints as cofounder at Green Brick Eco Solutions (that had an exit) and founder of - an open source, non-profit app to crowdsource libraries all over the world.


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