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Puneet Badrinath


Hanchu: The Story of Things

Submitted Jan 23, 2015

Set your things on a journey of their own, discover the joy they bring to other people in the community and experience new joys along the way.


Everything you possess has a special story and we want to hear it and follow it as you pass it on to other people and give you updates on “it’s life”. We want to create a story book for all things you possess.

Here is what you do:
1. List your favorite game, toy, book, etc. on the app and describe why it was special.
2. Search for interesting things and give away or trade your valuables in exchange.
3. Use it and put it up on the app at a later date with your special experience with it.
4. And the cycle continues.
5. At any time, track your favorite game, toy, book, etc. to find out who owns it and read the experiences other folks have shared about it.

At this launch, we will release an Android App called Hanchu (beta version) to make this happen. Hanchu enables you to create your Story Of Things.

We have restricted it’s features to books for now, but it will be expanded to many things. The results are always sorted based on social and geographical proximity to make the whole experience feel special.

We want you to use the app, create this community of things, share your exciting stories and provide feedback on what can be changed/improved to make this community bigger and better. The app is in it’s beta stage and far from complete, but we aim to have the final version out soon.

Speaker bio

As a part of the three member team working on Hanchu, I am actively involved in developing the product from scratch and this is our first presentation to the outside world. I am excited to get your feedback!

I was an Entrepreneur-in-training, of sorts, at Vistapointe Inc., a mobile network intelligence startup company, that recently got acquired by Brocade Communications and now I’m a Product Manager.



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Akhil Kodamanchili

The Sounds Within

To develop an online discussion platform for the seemingly esoteric aspects of music/art, thereby enabling a better perspective to collaborate with truely like minded people at a philosophical level. more

28 Jan 2015