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Manveen Kaur


Hobby in a Box - The Creative DIY store

Submitted Feb 4, 2015

DIY is all about making and creating your own products, that are one of a kind, that you create from scratch and are close(personal) to you. In India there are many hurdles to DIY but we at hobby in a box want to crush those hurdles and give you what you require


In India a person who wishes to follow crafts and hobbies faces two major problems.

  1. Getting right raw materials
    2 )Getting right guidance

Why raw materials is problem ?
a) Indian craft market is very fragmented
b) You have to buy raw materials in bulk
c) You can never be sure of the quality as there is no branding

Why right guidance is problem ?
a) Hobby classes are expensive and not flexible
b) You would have to travel long distances to get materials/guidance (time consuming)
c) YouTube and Blogs do not give you an Indian perspective i.e. raw materials used in US are not available in India etc

What we Do ?
We are an online portal that delivers at your DOORSTEP a DIY kit that will have all the required materials and instructions (for a particular craft or hobby) to help you make/learn/create/design things you love.
We have an engaged community of crafters and we communicate with them through following channels
YouTube :
Website :
Facebook :
Best of it all; nothing of this is outsourced and we are yet to see the funding :)

Speaker bio

As a professional crafter, I eat, breathe and live for creativity and ideas. I am an ardent fan of DIY and believe that anyone can create anything if he/she has right materials and correct guidance. There is no mystery to be creative and innovative. I love conducting workshops as it gives me a chance to teach and learn skills. Each participant is unique and it is amazing experience when people realise(when they make sometging unique or creative) that they had talents hidden inside them all along.
My Cofounder is a tech geek who loves to tinker with code data and tools. He is an ardent football fan and believes that “Juggad” is everything.
Our Website is fully operational with logistics and payment gateway and we serve customers from PAN India :)

Currently I am pursuing my MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur. And my cofounder is studying in IIM Bangalore.



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