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Sameer A M - Modern personalized modular and movable furniture for all

Submitted Jan 29, 2015

Getting to know how technology can go a long way in solving some of the most basic problems in the most unorganized industry - furniture; can go a long way to give powerful tools to end consumers to tailor variety of quality furniture for themselves.

An intelligent blend of cutting edge tech, powerful culture & some mad design ideas backed by one hell of a team.


Its a story of few CS engineers, an interior designer and a half baked management grad coming together to solve the perennial problem of interiors (read carpentry)

  1. Current problems in the furniture industry
    Its been long since any brand or company lived up to the expectation of demanding Indian consumer in the furniture industry. There is a reason to it. Timeless labor management problems; blurry govt laws; totally haywire supporting industries are just to name a few.

  2. How we saw an opportunity
    The story of how a team of youngsters simply decided to relieve the customer from going through the pain in this industry; and how on the way this team learned the tricks and trades of the game.

  3. The perspective of a Computer Engineer
    Team being tech savy all along; figured early on; that there was a way to give an end to this anarchy and let the technology take reigns to overcome some of the toughest problems that plague this industry.

  4. Frameworks, Algorithms & Frontends for Variety of processes
    This is a story of how a tech team put together various pieces of processes and tools to help build not only an efficient company but to thrive an ever growing culture along with delivering amazing solutions to problems in conception of a furniture to design; drafting, billing, manufacturing and warehousing.

Best of it all; nothing of this is outsourced and we are yet to see the funding :)


Nothing required as such.

Speaker bio

I’m a believer of technology; and I geek out on things such IoT,WiGi & VR. Now imagine me doing carpentry. Its a story you want to hear.


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