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HereNow Local Communications

Submitted Feb 5, 2015

We are excited to introduce our communication platform called HereNow at Construkt. The communication device in our pockets can be leveraged to build a new platform (HereNow) to always stay aware of what’s happening around (near) you, and what people near you are talking about. This is our goal.


HereNow is about people here and now. There are many social networking and publishing products out there but there seems to be a big unfulfilled gap. It is trivial nowadays for me to send a message to someone across the globe, to stay in touch with friends from college who are all on different continents. But while distances of thousands of miles have been rendered insignificant, the distance of a few meters or hundreds of meters is as unsurmountable as ever. There is no way (until now) for us to reach out to people nearby, who share the same geographical location as us.

Location is very important to our existence. It determines how we behave, how we live, where we work, where we eat, where we sleep, how we bond, what hobbies we pursue and our day to day challenges. It would not be a long-shot to say that we share a lot of similarities with people we are surrounded by, even if we don’t know them personally. We (at HereNow) wish to connect people with each other based on this parameter of their existence.


Anyone who is excited by new social applications and new ways to connect & communicate with people.
For the more technically inclined, anyone curious to see a sophisticated implementation of geolocation on mobile.

Speaker bio

Varun Torka (Founder, HereNow) is ex-IITD, ex-IIMC, previously worked as Product Manager in the Advanced Technology Group at NetApp.


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