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Lena Berghaus

@lenaberghaus Proposing

Startup Job Collision

Submitted Feb 4, 2015

Learn what it takes to work with a startup!
Bring together individuals and startup teams to explore job/intern opportunities with some of Kyron’s exciting startups!


We would like to invite individuals of all ages, industries and experience levels that are interested in working with a startup to the Kyron Accelerator space at Embassy Golf Links for a reverse Pitching session with some of our exciting teams!

1 min - Introduction
20 mins - 10 Kyron startups introduce themselves (2mins each)
10 mins - Talk on what it takes to work with a startup, what startups are looking for in candidates (from interns through entrance level, to experienced folks all the way up to CXOs), what attitude and skills are required
20 mins - up to 10 individuals interested in working with a startup reverse pitch to the group (2mins each). Particular profiles currently looked out for are UI/UX, Design, Sales, Business Development, Content Specialists - both fulltime & part-time
Followed by Networking


Bring yourself, an open attitude, your elevator pitch & if you would like to, your CV/profile

Speaker bio

Varun Backliwal - Program Director at Kyron


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