Keshav Meda


Alternative Dance Music - Kwartet

Submitted Jan 16, 2015

Alternative Dance Music is a musical style or identity whose sole intention is to promoting Alternative, experimental and fresh soundscapes, a much needed change from the usual, to Bangalore’s open minded listeners.


Alternative Dance Music -

Mixing dance muisc is the skill of a DJ.
Mixing music irrespective of genres/boundaries is the artistic prowess of a DJ

In Electronic music there is

unstructured music – Electronica / ambient
structured muisc (4 x 4) – House/Techno (and everything in between)

I do not believe in sticking to these specific generes/subgeners as much as I believe in spreading an emotional connect through music.

An emotion of euphoria to a rush of adrenaline, a melancholy on minors to an Arousal on majors and everything in between.

Examples - Left of centre disco to slow burning house, loosely woven Balearic sounds with lots of delicate dance floor moments, all presented in once nice package.


Sound -
A Base Bin
Two Speakers (tops)
An Amplifier

IF possible -
Minimal Lighting
LED laser lights and light cans.
Depending on the time of the event

Speaker bio

Written in third person.

Kwartet the moniker of Keshav Meda is synonymous with underground, experimental and alternative music. Being around the electronic music scene and Djing for a little more than 2 years, he has left a mark on his audiences and peers alike. Most recently his mix tape for RESET won him an opportunity to perform at RESET Bangalore (India’s finest underground music showcase).

Previous GIGs -
Opening act for Moguai’s Go mammoth India tour
Opening act for Djuma Soundsystems India Tour by Rolling Stones Magazine

Clubs/Venues -
Pebble, City bar, Tao Terraces Café Lilliput(GOA), Ice , Sutra, Royal Orchid terrace, 2102 TILT, Love Shack, No Limmits, Touch, Palazzo

Associated Promoters -
Unmute, Submerge, Nocturnal Networks, Replug Social, Beat Mantra, Monkey Business, Rave United

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