Natasha Singh


Nadi - The flow into yourself

Submitted Jan 14, 2015

To create awareness about the beauty of Surya Namaskara, the breath - synchronised flowing practice in the school of yoga. The result is an architectural sequence of beautiful intricate patterns made by the body and governed by the breath.


Nadi, is a live performance showcasing the flow of breath using human body as a tool or a prop. Nadi in Yoga means channels through which the energies of the subtle body flows. As it flows through, it activates the seven major chakras in the body, the same is the role of Surya Namaskara. Each asana in the Surya Namaskra is to activate the chakras of the body, leaving the practitioner feel liberated and relaxed. This subtle flow is manifested by our breath and in Surya Namaskara, thereby it plays an utmost role. To visually see the breath flow of the body, is the main objective of this personal project. It captivates the yogi when he sees how his/her breath has made his practice the way it is. If he/she is using her breath efficiently with the asanas, the practice seems effortless and equally balanced. But if he/ she is not using her breath with the asanas, then it is visible in the outcome, as the patterns would not be similar or equally spaced.

Nadi in terms of performance will be conducted by a yogi doing Surya Namaskara, and his body movements would be projected on a wall, with beautiful visual effects. It can be opened for other participants who are trained yoga practitioners or know how to do Surya Namaskara, and they can experience their practice visually. The importance of this project as I see it is to create awareness of the role of breath in your yoga practice.

It is a motion tracking project which tracks all the frames (the unseen ones with the naked eyes specially) in the flow of Surya Namaskara, which brings out a unique result with every person who performs it. At the end, I would like to understand how different body and breath works through this exercise. For example, how is the visual of a yogi who has been doing Surya Namaskar for 10 yrs different from a yogi who has just started his practice. Or how do kids perform Surya Namaskara. By just looking at body of artwork, a lot can be derived and understood about oneself.


Ideally a dark place or done in the night. A panaromic panel to project the visuals on. Three projectors.

Thats it!

Speaker bio

Hi, my name is Natasha Singh, living in Bangalore for the last 1 year now. I did my Masters in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins, London and soon after moved to Bangalore to work for a tech startup as a UX Designer. With the start of a new year, I have new promises. One is to start my own studio lab, where I get my creative juices flowing. I like to work at the junction of art, technology and science. I like to visualise the unseen world with the help of technology. I like to call myself as a Generative and Interactive artist. You can view my full profile at

Other promise was to exhibit my work at Construkt this year. I hope it comes true.



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