Mauktik Kulkarni


From Neuroscience to Film-making: A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Submitted Jan 24, 2015

To talk about my journey from being an engineer to a neuroscientist to a zen traveler (50+ countries around the world) and a film maker (with two National-award winners).


This is about my accidental journey into film-making and the parallels between film-making and tech entrepreneurship. I am the executive producer and co-anchor of this backpacking documentary, which highlights the challenges and opportunities of modern-day India through an 8000 km backpacking trip to the small towns and villages of India. It is 110 minutes long and will be released in late Feb/early March (National award winning producer/director Brahmanand Singh, national-award winning editor Irene Dhar Malik).


LCD projector for a PPT. Good quality speakers for sound.

Speaker bio


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