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Gaurav Godhwani


Building the Data-for-Good Movement in Bangalore

Submitted Feb 6, 2015

Understand how we can harness the power of data science for doing social good.


DataKind harnesses the power of data science in the service of humanity. We engage data science and social sector experts on projects addressing critical humanitarian problems and lead the conversation about how data science can be applied to solve the world’s biggest challenges. DataKind is headquartered in New York with Chapters worldwide. Since the launch of our Chapter in late-August 2014, DataKind Bangalore has held several meetups of data scientists, data enthusiasts and NGOs and are working towards building a strong Data-for-Good movement in the city.

Speaker bio

Gaurav is a polyglot programmer with a mission to do good with data. He likes to spend his time crunching data and gathering meaningful insights, along with helping several non-profits in their data-related projects. As a Chapter Leader at DataKind Bangalore, he has spearheaded non-profit outreach strategy, project scoping and volunteer vetting programs. He has also organized various events to help local NGO partners, contributing his skills to build Data-for-Good movement in Bangalore. When he’s not using data to change the world, he works with Orenda Initiatives to improve quality of education in public schools.


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