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Bitcoins- Bit by Bit

Submitted Feb 6, 2015

The Bitcoin industry and the know how is in a rudimentary stage in India. We hope to throw some light on how the technology can change the way money is transacted.


The session will address how Bitcoins are mined, catering to an audience with a minimum computer knwledge, and the opportunities that Bitcoin usage brings to the fore. There will be a discussion on the acceptance level of Bitcoin around the world and the technologies in the pipeline built around Bitcoin

Speaker bio

Mohammed Roshan- Chief Scientist, Unocoin
Mohammed Roshan is an Electronics & Communication Engineer with keen interest and passion towards IT and new challenging technologies, one being Bitcoin.
Roshan is the Chief Scientist at Unocoin, India’s largest Bitcoin trading platform and is also the creator of Saffroncoin – an alternate multi-algorithm crypto-currency. He is dedicated to using the Bitcoin Protocol to build extensive decentralized applications and bring crypto awareness to the common public.


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