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Submitted by Gaurav Lochan (@gauravl) on Feb 15, 2012

This is a proposal requesting for someone to present on this topic. If you’d like to present, leave a comment.

How to pick a mapping service

Submitted Feb 15, 2012

A tough decision when building a new Geo app is to figure out which service/data to use. This session should cover some of the differences in solutions, and should educate me with the issues to think about when picking a solution to meet my requirements


Discuss the differences for some common providers (e.g. Google Maps, Local OSM, Cloudmade, etc)

  • Comparison of functionality (API)
  • Service vs raw data (OSM)
  • Quality of map data, frequency of updates.
  • External library support
  • Pricing / Licensing

Speaker bio

I’m someone who struggled with these questions when i started up. I’m far from answering them but i can share my own experience/requirements.