Anthill Inside 2019

A conference on AI and Deep Learning

Tushar Pawar


Tensorboard: Almost a one stop shop for Machine Learning Development

Submitted Apr 28, 2019

This talk will focus on the areas of Machine Learning development (specifically Computer Vision problems) and will discuss how using certain tools will make your life easier. Also, discuss some areas where developing custom tools is beneficial instead of using open-source tools and the trade-off for making this choice.
We will discuss why we should be using Tensorboard and why it is the only tool you will need to do machine learning development. We will see how it compares to other model development tools such as Visdom, Netron and several other Proprietary(and expensive) tools.
We will also see some small snippets of examples of what is possible with Tensorboard and how to interpret machine learning models, monitor training stats, debug models and compare experiments. This includes using tensorboard as an interactive front-end for monitoring the models and visualising its performance on test set and how we can make it to be framework agnostic and work with Pytorch, Keras and not be dependent on tensorflow.

Key Takeaways.
1. Understand the features available in Tensorboard and why it is the only tool that you will ever need.
2. How to make it work with any machine learning framework.


  1. Addressing the problems faced while developing machine learning models using just terminal for interface.
  2. How some companies have leveraged this pain into making a paid service for monitoring model training.
  3. What are the free options.

Speaker bio

Tushar Pawar is Machine Learning Engineer at Infilect. He has around 3 years of experience in the field of Deep Learning. Has worked with several computer vision problems such as image classification, object detection, image generation etc.




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