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Amit Baldwa


Blueprint for Building AI Products

Submitted Oct 18, 2019

IT Product Development is changing at a rapid pace. From being an enabler of existing products, AI and ML has taken a Centerstage in Product development.

This talk is aimed at CIOs/Product Management folks and Data Scientists in creating a BluePrint of ‘Building AI Products’. It covers the improvements/changes required at each stage of Product Development for Building AI Products.

This talk also aims at providing the reasoning required by Data Scientists in propagating their ideas through the traditional organizations.


  1. Introduce the Concept of ‘Pre-AI Products’ vs AI-Inside Products’ vs ‘AI-First Products’
  2. Key Ingrdients of a Success of a Product
  3. Discussion on when to use Machine Learning and when not to use.
  4. Ethical Design Principals
  5. Role of a Team in AI Product Development.
  6. Transition from an Pre-AI Product to AI-First Product



Speaker bio

Amit Baldwa is Director Engineering at Finastra. A thought leader and strategist, with extensive leadership experience, Amit has spent significant portion of his career in Product Development, Amit is currently developing AI & Distributed Ledger Products.

A Data Sciences Enthusiast, Amit has implemented Supply Chain Analytics at Scale. His experience spans Fintech, Ecommerce, Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics. Amit mentors start-ups, young professionals and students on applicability of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science in their operations.


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