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Introduction to Bounding Box Neural Networks

Submitted by Anil Hebbar (@ahebbar) on Apr 24, 2017

Section: Full talk Technical level: Intermediate Status: Rejected


Neural Networks are rapidly gaining traction in applications such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation and other verticals. Bounding box neural networks are fast emerging as preferred method for vision application where location accuracy, classification, speed of inference as well as minimal data size for transmission to controllers are all important. This talk aims to introduce concepts of bounding box, the metrics for measuring output, survey of techniques and performance and sample implementation of a bounding box neural network using Tensforflow


-Introduction to Bounding boxes and their advantages over other image techniques -Annotation for bounding box neural network -Metrics to measure performance of bounding box neural networks -Survey of bounding box neural networks and their performance -Tensorflow based implementation of SSD bounding box network and the results of the same


Basic components of CNN, datasets and annotations and NNs such as VGG

Speaker bio

With background in signal processing and fascination for automotive and industrial control systems, I have been keenly following the development of neural networks and their applications in autonomous vehicles and industrial applications. As a co-founder and engineer at, I got opportunity to learn about and work on neural network implementation with some of the best in the field. I would like to take this chance to share whatever I have learnt and learn something new from others


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  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) 3 years ago

    Anil, this preview video doesn’t show you speaking about the talk and the takeaway for the audience. Please record, upload and share the same with us by 10 June.

    • Anil Hebbar (@ahebbar) Proposer 3 years ago

      I uploaded a short video with the requested details

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