Privacy practices in the Indian technology ecosystem

Privacy practices in the Indian technology ecosystem

A 2020 survey of the makers of products and services

Kiran Jonnalagadda



Anand Venkatanarayanan


Nadika N


Future areas of research and action

Submitted Apr 9, 2021

This research examines how organizations segmented across sizes and domains will be able to respond to the upcoming Personal Data Protection Act. However, it does not address the other side of the relationship – the users of the products and services of these organizations – and their perception of these organizations.

After a data breach, do users find the actions taken by these organizations satisfactory? Do they have faith in their ability to comply with data protection regulations? Future research might want to understand the consumer and product angles of privacy.

There is a clear lack of peer groups for technology professionals to create and promote playbooks on privacy, data security and compliance practices. Privacy Mode will invest and collaborate with industry partners in creating these spaces and material.


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