A Privacy Preserving Alternative to Google Analytics

Privacy-Tech Case Studies and Analysis was developed as a privacy-friendly, and simpler alternative to Google Analytics. In this session, Mahima Sood and Naresh Bharadwaj speak with Uku Taht, founder of, discussing the following questions:

  1. How does address consent management, data sampling, data usage and trust issues when compared wtih Google Analytics?
  2. Auditability of Google Analytics alternatives.
  3. Compliance and product management related issues - and where can be a solution.
  4. Adoption barriers.
  5. Business model sustainability.

About the facilitators: Mahima Sood is a data scientist and entrepreneur. She works on privacy and ethics in data science.
Naresh Bharadwaj heads Product Managment at Zendrive. His work involves understanding customer behaviour, analytics and products.

Participation: Zoom link will be shared with registered participants. Or, you can watch the livestream on this page.
Registered participants can leave comments/questions on the Comments section for the speaker to address during the session.

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