An Introduction to Lean Data Practices (LDP)

Approaches to Personal Data Protection

Lean Data Practices (LDP) is a framework for anyone processing, accessing or storing personal data to build in privacy, security, and communications in ways that can build trust and reduce risk. This talk is about LDP as a strategic and operational, program model for data management. Attendees should be able to identify practical ways in which these methods and tools can help them in their own privacy operations programs.

The target audience for this programme includes developers, academics and media practitioners. Slides for the talk are available on

References: Resources about Lean Data Practices is available on:

About the speaker: Alicia Gray is the Senior Manager for Trust and Privacy at Mozilla. She is responsible for privacy program strategy, development and implementation including developing internal policies and procedures, data subject access requests, vendor reviews, data inventory and other privacy activities designed to support Mozilla’s privacy principles and legal obligations. The privacy and trust team supports all data collection touch points ranging from users, to our community members to our employees.

Participation: This talk and the Q&A will be livestreamed on this page.
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An Introduction to Lean Data Practices (LDP)

Alicia Gray

34 minutes14 November 2020

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