Privacy Mode fellowship programme

Privacy Mode fellowship programme

Documenting privacy best practices in industry

Organizations desire to adopt best practices around data which are aligned with the risk management approaches they have in place. With increasing complexity around privacy and data security, it is necessary to gain deep understanding of the strategic directions adopted at some of leading organizations in India. With this intent, the Privacy Mode Fellowship programme was put together to work with practitioners who document easily adopted practices that are flexible and are based on well understood design principles. The Best Practices Guides provides a quick introduction to some of the topics which receive a lot of attention.

The Privacy Mode Fellowship programme considered the following themes while publishing the Call for Submissions:

  1. Data protection/security practices.
  2. Consent frameworks tied to purpose use limitations.
  3. Data rights.
  4. Encryption practices.

Selected Fellows for 2022

  1. Ankita Roychoudhury and Yashodhara Shukla , Frappe Technologies Private Ltd.
  2. Pratyush Pullela, Doosra, Ten20 Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Rohan Verma, Zerodha Broking Ltd.
  4. Sathish KS, Zeotap

The following abstracts provide an insight into the topics covered by them. The abstracts are linked to the complete reports:

  1. Frappe: GDPR Compliance for ERP
  2. Doosra: Protecting your mobile number
  3. Zerodha: Data protection, security and privacy practices
  4. Zeotap: Privacy in Data as a Service (DaaS) business

The team for Privacy Mode Fellowship Programme

  1. Anwesha Sen - Programme Coordinator
  2. S Kannan - Technical Writer
  3. Anish T P - Illustrations
  4. Stephanie Browne - Product Support
  5. David Timethy - Administration

Jury Members

 1. [Uzma Barlaskar](, Head of privacy and growth at WhatsApp.
 2. [Anand Venkatanarayanan](, Independent cybersecurity researcher.
 3. [Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay](, Editor at Privacy Mode.

Contact information

For queries about the Fellowship Programme, mail or leave a comment in the comments section


View acceptance criteria for the fellowship program 👉 here

Featured submissions

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  • S Kannan

    Frappe: GDPR Compliance for ERP

    Summary Frappe is a Software as a Service (Saas) company in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) domain and it also provides hosting services through its Frappe Cloud product. It handles sensitive information of businesses including company documents, financial records, accounting statements, employee details, assets etc. In order to serve its EU customers, Frappe is mandated to be GDPR complia… more

    08 Sep 2022

  • S Kannan

    Anish TP

    Anish TP

    Pratyush Pullela

    Doosra: Protecting your mobile number

    Summary Doosra provides an alternative virtual number to the primary phone number to protect our privacy. In today’s interconnected world, we share our mobile number everywhere, and in return receive unwarranted messages and calls. Doosra provides a platform that gives the user control to allow or restrict access. The entire solution has been designed keeping privacy at the core. more

    01 Sep 2022

  • S Kannan

    Rohan Verma Author

    Anish TP

    Anish TP

    Zerodha: Data protection, security and privacy practices

    Summary Zerodha provides an online platform in India to invest in stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, bonds, futures and options, and serves over 9+ million clients. In the financial services industry, it is mandatory to be compliant with the strict regulations that are enforced by multiple authorities. Zerodha has developed a solution to extend their existing microservices architecture and be ful… more

    26 Aug 2022

  • S Kannan

    Anish TP

    Anish TP

    Sathish K S

    Zeotap: Privacy in Data as a Service (DaaS) business

    Summary Zeotap, which now has more than one hundred partners, runs a data business offering managed services for data sets. It operates on Data as a Service (DaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) models, and provides integrations with cloud exchanges and APIs with SLA guarantees. In order to cater to its EU customers, it became compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018. more

    18 Sep 2022

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